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Course Details

Learning many languages are not a piece of cake. Why don’t you join the course right now to learn programming in Swift?

The course is created by Mark Price, who is a veteran mobile developer. He has years of experience in working as a professional engineering instructor. He has helped a lot of learners reveal their hidden talents and develop their career. With his interesting teaching approach, you will enjoy a useful class, where you can equip yourself with necessary knowledge and experience.

Jack’s an excellent teacher including really showing how you’d use this for real applications instead of going through generic steps that just make the pieces work.” – said Michael MacDonald

Why you should take this course?
Attending this class, you can:
– Build an API which can support all platforms
– Become a full stack-engineer
– Understand back-end API development
– Build an API and database
– Lower learning curve

In this course, you will learn:
– Swift (if you don’t know it already)
– Kitura (framework for building APIs and managing web requests)
– IBM Cloudant Database
– CouchDB
– IBM Bluemix
– How to deploy an API live on the Internet
– How to get your API to store and retrieve data from databases
– How to build an iOS app that communicates with your own API
– Working with CRUD operations
– How to setup the tools for development on macOS and Ubuntu

Who should take this course?
The course is designed for iOS developers wanting to build APIs in Swift. Besides, it is also for new programmers who want to learn APIs in Swift. Moreover, mobile developers can also take part in this course.

What learners talk about the course?
Let see what students talk about this course:
Excellent walkthrough, first building a simple API, deploying it on a VM linux machine, wrapping & running it in a Docker container, building & deploying it on Bluemix. And… everything works the first time”- said Marcel Kuil

Fantastic course! Very explicative on how to get an application running on the backend plus swift to deploy Bluemix.”- said Javi Lorbada

Course Overview

Course Name: Server API Development in Swift, Kitura, & Bluemix
Description: Build REST APIs in Swift
Price: $200 (Click the button “REDEEM OFFER” to get your discount)
Platform: Udemy
Course Instructor: Mark Price
Course Type: Self Paced Online Course. Lifetime Access
Duration: 20.5 hours ( 66 lectures )

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