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Course Review

If you would like to learn how to make use of Python to migrate your excel file in any format to database, this course is the right place for you.
The course is designed by Peter Hijma, who is an IT developer. He has years of experience in programming with popular languages such as Python, Java and Haskell. With his amazing teaching method and hands-on knowledge, you will broaden your mind with a lot of useful techniques and lesson.
However, to join this course, you need to have the basics of Python and concept of database.

Why should I take this course?
The course is divided into many small sections so that you can find easy to follow all the lessons:
– In the first section: you will be introduced with the basics of openpyxl. This part will help you know the ideas of reading and writing data to excel
– The second section, you will learn how to read from multiple excel document as well as save them to a database. In this section, you will dig deeper into SQLite, which is easy to use and set up.
– In the third section, you will learn advanced case. You have to cope with difficult excel document and complex data base with a foreign key.
– In the other following sections: you can share what you want to learn to the lecturer so that he will provide you with what you really need.

Who should join the course?

The course is created for people who would like to make use of Python to create excel document. Besides, if you want to migrate a excel document to a database, this course will suit you.

What learners say about the course?
Here are some comments and valuation of the learners about this course:

“Course covered a lot of material in a short amount of time. It will be a good reference to return to. “- said Jennifer Martin

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