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Course Details

If you are looking for a tutorial to master your skill with React in the modern web development, this is the great chance that you should grasp.
In this course, you will be taught about Modern React with Redux by Stephen Grider. You all know that if you master React and Redux, you can easily have a position in the web development and also be able to set up your own project. It is a skill that is necessary for you to be successful in the modern web industry.
Thanks to this course you can have a chance to learn the core knowledge of Redux and learn how to build structure applications and React Components with Redux.
In the very first lessons, you will be taught about the basic knowledge of React such as props and state. In each lesson, you will be provided with the source code. Therefore, you will always get access to the up to date knowledge.
Let see what students talk about this course:” Stephen is absolutely amazing. Learning different languages can be challenging but he makes it so enjoyable and all concepts are explained so clearly. I honestly cannot find one thing that I dislike about this course or any of his other courses I have taken. Every 5 start for Stephen is completely deserved”- Said Meeky Acquah.
Don’t worry if you have nothing about React and Redux. The course will teach you from the beginning through an easy way for you to follow.

What you can gain from this course?
– Understand how to utilize the custom markup language of React, therefore you can clean up the JavaScript Code by yourself.
– Be able to split complex components in to the smaller
– Learn the difference between state and props and how to utilize them
– Be aware of using middlewares.
The course will supply you with a lot of useful knowledge as well as explain carefully important concepts. You can easily follow each lesson and understand them deeply.

Who should apply for this course?
This course is for those who really desire to learn about React. Besides, it is also a great course for developers who want to set a limit on using jQuery. This course is also suitable for engineers who have some troubles in mastering several concepts of React.

Course Overview

Course Name: Modern React with Redux [2020 Update]
Description: Master the fundamentals of React and Redux with this tutorial as you develop apps supported by NPM, Webpack, and ES6
Price: $129.99 (Click the button “REDEEM OFFER” to get your discount)
Platform: Udemy
Course Instructor: Stephen Grider
Course Type: Self Paced Online Course. Lifetime Access
Duration: 52 Hours ( 566 lectures )

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