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Course Review

Joining this course right now without any prior programming language needed.
The course will help you to gain a deep understanding of Python – the most popular programming language nowadays.
This easy language can support you in building a lot of programs because it can runs on most of the operating systems. With the full understanding of Python, you can be confident to build your own Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.
The course is created by Maximilian Schwarzmuller, who has years of experiences in working with Python. Joining the course, you can enjoy interesting lessons with useful knowledge and techniques, which you can apply to your project in the future.

Why should I take this course?

In this course, you will be taught about Python- a powerful language from the beginning. This popular language is commonly used by many big companies such as Facebook, Google or Amazon.
Moreover, in this course, you will learn how to make use of Python to build a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.
In this course, you will learn:
– A summary of Python and the Blockchain technology
– All the base Python syntax you need to know (variables, operators, functions, …)
– Loops and conditional statements
– More complex data structures like tuples or dictionaries
– A closer look at built-in functions and the standard library Python ships with
– String manipulation
– How to work with files
– Error handling
– Debugging
– Object-oriented programming with classes and inheritance
– Internal & external modules (packages)
– How to spin up an Http server with the Flask package
– Handling Http requests (sending & receiving)

Who should join the course?

The course is created for people who have interest in Python and its’ application. Besides, if you want to know about the core internals of a blockchain, this course is the right place for you

What learners say about the course?
Here are some comments and valuation of the learners about this course:

“I learned a lot about python programming language, enough to start developing other kinds of projects by myself. When it comes to the block chain I consider that now I understand way better how it works and its main concepts. “- said Daniel Campos

“Enjoyed his course very much. Easier to understand than others and he did a good job of explaining each part and why each piece of code is important.” – said Tim Kruger

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