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As its name, this course will be one of the most comprehensive course in terms of Go programming language. This open source language was released in the last ten years but used by many developers because of its effectiveness. Throughout this course, you will learn about all the basics as well as the advanced features of the language. That means, beyond for-loops or if-statements, you will dive into how to optimally use functions of Go’s concurrency model and interface type systems.

To help you master this language more efficiently, Stephen plans many projects, quizzes, and assignments. Taking part in these activities, you will learn more easily and remember for longer. Moreover, you will be totally surprised when you know about the topics that you are going to learn. For example, basic syntax and control structures, build massively parallel systems, build and compile projects, etc.

With plentiful information it delivers and the precise, well-structured teaching method that Stephen uses, this course is highly recommended that:
This is the BEST course on Go that I have seen. I work as a developer and most courses are getting boring during the first hour. If you know one or two other languages and you want to learn Go – take this course. It is really good.”, said Deniz Okcu.

Accurate, well explained, it shares and digs into interesting internal terms of golang types and structures. Very recommended to any programmer of any skill level.”, said Alvaro Lopez Sanchez.

What could you gain from the course?
Taking this course, you will have a chance to master most of the basics and advanced features of Go such as:
– Using Go routines and channels to create concurrent programs massively
– Simplifying complicated programs by using Interfaces
– Design and maintain your code for long-term and minimize the difficulty of refactors

Who may concern about the course?
This course might be suitable for people who concern about the fundamentals and advanced features of the Go Programming Language.

Course Overview

Course Name: Go: The Complete Developer’s Guide (Golang)
Description: Master the fundamentals and advanced features of the Go Programming Language (Golang)
Price: $85 (Click the button “REDEEM OFFER” to get your discount)
Platform: Udemy
Course Instructor: Stephen Grider
Course Type: Self Paced Online Course. Lifetime Access
Duration: 9 Hours ( 81 lectures )

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