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Course Review

If you want to find a tutorial that can help you to get all the fundamentals of the ARCore Augmented Reality in the shortest time, this course is the right thing for you. After the course, you can quickly build your own Augmented Reality Apps.

The course is designed by Ciprian Ciocianu, who is a Unity 3D expert. With his 8 years of experience working as a programmer and teaching technology, he will provide you with a complete training so that you can learn all the fundamentals from practices and apply what you have learned to the real world projects.

Why should I take this course?                                               

The course will begin with the fundamentals section by building a simple AR app. Then, you will be taught how spatial tracking works in AR. In this lesson, you will learn about the first core functionality – motion tracking.

In the next lesson, you will know about the second core functionality – Point and Plane detection. You will learn how to detect feature points and how coplanar feature point form into planes.

After that, you will have to build a testing app to spawn random colored cubes or spheres with a simple touch utilizing ray casting. Then, you end this part wit a light estimation.

In the second part, you will learn about ARCore 1.2 apps.
– The first lesson, you may create your own accurate measuring app utilizing ARCore. A wide range of hands-on uses for this app.
– Then, you learn how to transverse within an AR scene by creating a dragon able to move and fly in any direction and breathe fire.
– You take to the next level by creating a drone in AR. Its great practice flying in AR before purchasing a real drone.
– You will learn how to build your own solar system and make use of touch ray casting to bring up information on the planets, moons, and stars.
– Then, you learn how to import and utilize 4D volumetric sequences with ARCore to bring a sense of realism into your AR apps.
– Apply shadows utilizing shaders for AR Objects
– Perform Vertical Plane Detection utilizing ARCore 1.2
– Make a video wall utilizing Augmented Images using ARCore 1.2
– Implement Cloud Anchors to experience multiplayer games
Who should join the course?

The course is for those who want to learn about ARCore. Besides, it is suitable for people who want to make wonderful apps or keep up with the latest game development trend with AR

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