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Course Review

If you want to build your own first person shooter or even a role playing game, this course will be the right thing for you. We will start building a game, which is called Dead Earth, from the beginning so that you can know how to create the entire systems together. Dead Earth is a commercial grade, first- person and action survival game set in the modern post-apocalypse. The game will supply the players with various dangerous environments.

In this course, we will learn to start a project and populate the world. The learners will learn how to create smart AI characters that can navigate their environment strategically and know how to avoid obstacles as well as pursue the goal.

The course also guide you how to tie the physics and animation system with the states and behaviors of your characters, which will enable them to interact with the world and the players.
Moreover, you will learn how to integrate ragdoll physics with the animation system and transition between ragdoll and standard animation system.

You will discuss some concept in detail such as: A*, pathfinding and navigation, animation state machines, state machine and so on.

By the end of the course, you will be confident to fill your own world with noble companions, background character and enemies, and bring your game to life.

Why you should take this course?
In this course, you will learn to build a game from the beginning:
– Utilize state machine behaviors and animation curves
– Create your own missions
– Develop a complete first person arms/weapons management system with melee and ranged weapon support.
– Dig into the development of a robust and extensible artificial intelligence system
– Design smart NPCs for your game
– Build an in-game inventory system
– Assemble fully interactive worlds with working doors, elevators, cabinets and drawers.
– Use scripted events to drive your story line forward.
– Understand fundamental concepts in the field of game AI,
– Know how to import and animate multiple characters in less time using humanoid re-targeting
– Create custom interfaces for health bars, ammo, inventory items, and more.
– Develop your own audio log system for delivering storytelling elements.

Who should take this course?
The course is created for developers who work on games requiring artificially intelligent characters and creatures.

What learners talk about the course?
Here are some comments of our learners to this course.
The instructor is very knowledgeable. Not only on how to do things, but also why you should be doing this way and how Unity is processing things in the background. “- said Nicholas Miron

The course is excellent and very detailed. Gary has the right disposition for game development, which is attention to detail. ”- said Cansub

Course Overview

Course Name: Build Your Own First Person Shooter / Survival Game in Unity
Description: Part I: Create and Design Artificially Intelligent Game Characters with Advanced Animation Systems
Price: $195 (Click the button “CLICK TO REDEEM” to get your discount)
Platform: Udemy
Course Instructor: Game Institute Inc.
Course Type: Self Paced Online Course. Lifetime Access
Duration: 40 hours ( 37 lectures )

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