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Course Review

If you want to build a complete application with React, Redux and Firestore, this course is the right place for you.

If you are just a complete beginner, don’t worry because the course will teach you how to create an app from scratch. You will soon improve your javascript and be confident in making your own app.

The course is created by Neil Cummings, who is a professional freelance software developer. With his 15 years of experience in working in IT industry, he will share with you a lot of hands-on knowledge and techniques so that you can apply to your real world project.

Why should I take this course?                                               

The course will start with the practice of building a CRUD app in React, and then you will step by step enhance it by adding Redux and Fire Store.

In this course, you will learn:
– Creating the developer environment
– Building a React application using the create-react-app utility from Facebook
– Login and Register functionality utilizing Firebase authentication
– Adding social login for Facebook and Google into the application
– Google maps and Places autocomplete integration
– Photo uploading utilizing drag and drop, with resizing and cropping of the images before upload
– Adding a live chat system
– Paging, Sorting and Filtering with Firestore
– Firestore database design
– Setting up reusable form components with Redux forms
– Creating a great looking application with Semantic UI

Who should join the course?

The course is designed for beginner developer who gets acquainted with HTML, CSS and JS, and those who want to dig deeper into React and Redux. Besides, it is also for those who want to learn about Firestore.

What learners say about the course?

Here are some comments and valuation of the learners about this course:

This is the second course from Neil that I have I’ve taken and both have been excellent. I love the style of building something useful while learning; it’s so much more engaging than just learning theory.” – said Marc Pegg

Neil’s course is ridiculously complete and feature rich to the extent that I can’t really think of other features for any other apps I would realistically need for quite some time. “ – said Steve Hales

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