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Course Details

If you want to find a course which can help you to improve the React and Redux skill, this is a good selection. This course may make you feel attractive because of a number of interesting topics. Moreover, you can have a chance to get access to the core knowledge that is necessary for you to understand the React components and also know how to build them. After this course, you also be aware of how structure applications with the help of Redux.

It can not be deniable that having a good skill of React and Redux, you can get a good job in the web industry and also set up your personal projects. Actually, there are hundreds of online course about React and Redux. However, none of them can teach you the core features of these libraries. The good news is that this course will supply you with important knowledge from basics to advance.

A lot of our students have good comments on the course. “Great course, Stephen goes into great detail in all of his courses. This is the second one of his courses I’ve taken, and I’m a happy camper.” – Said Anthony Maha. And “Stephen gives extremely thorough explanations of all concepts and breaks them down to their simplest form. He definitely has the best React courses on the web.” – Said Amit Ranan.

Why should I take this course?
After this course, you may:
– Know how to test React and Redux code
– Know how to use Higher Order Components.
– Rewrite a Redux Middleware from the beginning.
The course will explain all the concepts clearly and carefully. Besides, it also guides you how to apply them into reality so you can fully understand all lessons. The combination between theory and practice will make you feel more interesting and joyful.

Who should take this course?
– People who have experiences in React and Redux
You have to note that this course is not very suitable for the programmers or those who do not have experience with React and Redux.

Course Overview

Course Name: Advanced React and Redux
Description: Walkthroughs on advanced React v16.6.3 and Redux v4.0.0 – Authentication, Testing, Middlewares, HOC’s, and Deployment
Price: $129.99 (Click the button “REDEEM OFFER” to get your discount)
Platform: Udemy
Course Instructor: Stephen Grider
Course Type: Self Paced Online Course. Lifetime Access
Duration: 21 Hours ( 12 sections – 239 lectures )

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