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95% Off Git a Web Developer Job: Mastering the Modern Workflow

To attend this class, you need to have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. If you don’t feel qualified enough to work as web developer, let join the course today, you will be equipped with neces... more ››

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90% Off React, Redux, & Enzyme – Mastering Apps & Tests

Course Name: React, Redux, & Enzyme - Mastering Apps & Tests Description: Build 3 React apps with full tests. Get in demand by adding Jest, Enzyme, ES6, React JS, and Redux to your skill set... more ››

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91% Off Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training

Course Name: Accelerated ES6 JavaScript Training Description: Learn and Use the Future of JavaScript - today Price: $110 (Click the button “REDEEM OFFER” to get your discount) Platform: Udemy Cou... more ››

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94% Off Beginner API development in Node, Express, ES6, & MongoDB

To join this course, you do not need to have any previous experience. However, it is suggested that you should have some basics programming skills to build restful APIs. Do you have any idea for yo... more ››

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80% Off Learn React : The World’s Most Lucrative JavaScript Library

The course will provide you with all the things related to modern web framework React and latest practices. You will learn all the fundamentals and core concepts of how React works and how to build yo... more ››

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95% Off The Complete JavaScript Course: Build a Real-World Project

If you get bored with wasting your time and money on the YouTube videos or some free online course about JavaScript which are too simple or difficult to follow, this course is totally what you need. I... more ››

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92% Off Advanced React and Redux

If you want to find a course which can help you to improve the React and Redux skill, this is a good selection. This course may make you feel attractive because of a number of interesting topics. More... more ››

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88% Off ES6 Javascript: The Complete Developer’s Guide

If you have an intention of finding a tutorial to master ES6 JavaScript, this is the course that you need. In the modern web development, having good knowledge of ES6 syntax can help you to get a goo... more ››

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92% Off Modern React with Redux [2020 Update]

If you are looking for a tutorial to master your skill with React in the modern web development, this is the great chance that you should grasp. In this course, you will be taught about Modern React ... more ››

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92% Off Understanding TypeScript – 2021 Edition

In this course, Maximilian Schwarzmüller will provide you with from the basic knowledge to the important features of Typescript. Therefore, you can fully understand the definition as well as the usage... more ››

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