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Course Review

This is a comprehensive course which cover all what you need to reach the college-level of music theory. With many years working in this field, Allen know exactly which you should and shouldn’t learn. Thus, he has planned carefully the curriculum for this course – the full edition which contains all 3 levels. In accordance with its name, its content will be the most informative course online that you could find.

Combining three classes into one, the course will cover a variety of topics such as new approach to music theory, music software, pitch names, pitch classes, etc. Allen will guide you so that you could complete this course easily and get as much useful knowledge as possible. Therefore, this is actually a wonderful chance for you to learn music theory.

Among thousands learners around the world, many of them commented positively on this course that:
The material was presented in a way that built on previous lessons. The pace was perfect. I had to go back and review several times but that just meant to me that there was a lot of material presented.”, said John Lomax.

This is a fantastic course, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Jason is an excellent teacher, he explains everything in such a way that makes it very easy to understand sometimes quite difficult ideas. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in music. I am looking forward to the next courses from Jason!”, said Dan Whitfield.

What could you gain from the course?
By the end of this course, you will be able to:
– Use proven techniques and tools to read music more effectively
– Understand music theory more comprehensively

Who may concern about this course?
This course is designed for students who want to explore more about music theory.

Course Overview

Course Name: Music Theory Comprehensive Complete! (Levels 1, 2, & 3)
Description: A Complete College-Level Music Theory Curriculum. This edition of the course includes levels 1, 2, & 3.
Price: $60 (Click the button “CLICK TO REDEEM” to get your discount)
Platform: Udemy
Course Instructor: Jason Allen
Course Type: Self Paced Online Course. Lifetime Access
Duration: 12 Hours ( 153 lectures )

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