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Course Review

Modern Rock Guitar Techniques is the course that any guitar player should take part in to better their performance. The course will provide you with a number of approaches and methods, which are collected from a lot of experienced guitar players. The course will give you a clear explanation about the techniques and help you to apply them to your guitar performance.

This course is designed by Tyler Larson, who is a musician of many influences. With more than 15 years experience playing the guitar, Tyler has appeared on many studio albums, performed with many famous artists, and studied with some of the most renowned guitarists on the planet.

Tyler does a great job of thoroughly explaining and showing with different angles of camera shots. He also goes thru examples of the right and (wrong) way to execute the technique .”- said Charles M Roy

Why you should take this course?
In this course, you will be provided with a new arsenal of licks and techniques. Besides, you will understand how to apply all the methods and mechanics to your playing. After that, you can create your own sound.

You do not need to have any music theory before taking this course. Thanks to the extensive explanation and comprehensive exercises, you can learn all the skills and master your ability quicky and effectively.

After the course, you are provided with a complete blueprint of the most important disciplines and practices of the modern rock guitar.

Who should take this course?
The course is for the intermediate and advanced players who want to equip themselves with more techniques. Besides, it is suggested that you you a complete beginner, you should take a basic course before learning this course.

What learners talk about the course?
Let see what students talk about this course:
Terrific course for beginner to intermediate guitar player. Tyler is a very skilled guitar player and engaging instructor. This course will aid me in reevaluating my skills and techniques and has left me inspired to take my playing to a higher level”- said Drew May.

Professor Larson is really excellent in teaching. I mean I’m ready to learn but he is way ahead of us with excellent teaching programs.” – said Tangle

Course Overview

Course Name: Modern Rock Guitar Techniques
Description: From sweep picking to legato to whammy tricks and everything in between, create your own legacy with these techniques!
Price: $50 (Click the button “CLICK TO REDEEM” to get your discount)
Platform: Udemy
Course Instructor: Tyler Larson
Course Type: Self Paced Online Course. Lifetime Access
Duration: 3 Hours ( 32 lectures )

Note: These coupons can change over time.

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