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Course Review

Course Name: HTML & CSS: Complete Beginners Start Here
Description: The starting place for all the other HTML courses out there!
Price: $50 (Click the button “CLICK TO REDEEM” to get your discount)
Platform: Udemy
Course Instructor: Adam Frisbee
Course Type: Self Paced Online Course. Lifetime Access
Duration: 1 Hour ( 10 lectures )

Note: These coupons can change over time.

Course Description

There are a lot of HTML and CSS courses out there. A lot. How do you choose the one that’s right for you?

I made this course for you–the beginner; the person who has never touched a tag or seduced a selector. Heck, you can learn HTML and CSS even if you’re new to computers.

Sure, you could purchase one of the more popular courses that has hours and hours of video and 30 or 45 lectures. And, in fact, I encourage you to do so after you take this course. This course is the starting place for all the other web development courses out there.

How can HTML and CSS help you?

Yeah, there are a lot of “drag ‘n drop” website creators out there. But behind them all are HTML and CSS, and knowing how HTML and CSS works can be immensely valuable to you.

After you complete this course, you will be able to make your own website using only Notepad or TextEdit! You’ll also be able to manipulate existing code in WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla sites.

You can also feel confident in taking a more advanced web design course.

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